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In this section you can learn What does AutoCheck *not* include in its reports?

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Information not included on the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report


Information not included on the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report


What does AutoCheck *not* include in its reports?


Currently, AutoCheck cannot offer the following in its reports:

- Owners' names - A AutoCheck Vehicle History Report does not include owners' names and addresses (for both individuals and companies). This allows us to comply fully with the 1994 Drivers Privacy Protection Act that prohibits third parties such as AutoCheck from distributing such information.
- Information about pre-1981 vehicles - We are unable to provide you with vehicle history information for vehicles manufactured prior to 1981, when the 17 character VIN became standard. The 17 character VIN is the code that is used to access AutoCheck 's vehicle history information database.
- Lien release information. DMVs do not currently report lien information to us.
- Routine service & repair information – With a few exceptions, the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report does not currently include information on service and repairs.
- Specific reasons for title branding. While many reports show accident information prior to the issuance of a title brand, the DMVs do not supply us with the reasons for such issuances. AutoCheck does not receive actual copies of these title documents from the state reporting agencies, nor do we receive copies of the title applications. We recommend that you contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state where these titles were issued to obtain additional details. For a Department of Motor Vehicles DMV contact list, please go to the following DMV site.

These exclusions are minor in comparison with the vehicle history information that AutoCheck does provide. The AutoCheck database contains over 3 billion records from thousands of public and private data sources, including government and private organizations, such as: DMVs, State Registrations, State Inspection Centers, Auto Auctions, and Manufacturers.

Many of our sources are confidential, particularly our proprietary sources that provide unique, high-value information available only in AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports. It has taken AutoCheck 17 years to develop these sources, and important new sources are added continually.

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What does AutoCheck *not* include in its reports?


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