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AutoCheck Report VIN number check - Used car history record consumer guide - How do I go about making a claim against AutoCheck 's Buyback Protection guarantee?

AutoCheck Vehicle History Report - Free VIN Check, VIN Check using auto VIN number

USED CAR HISTORY > AutoCheck Vehicle History Report > How do I go about making a claim against AutoCheck 's Buyback Protection guarantee?


AutoCheck Vehicle History Report

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  • AutoCheck Buyback Protection guarantee - Make a Claim

    How do I go about making a claim under AutoCheck 's Buyback Protection guarantee?

    If you are interested in filing a claim under the Buyback Protection guarantee, please read the following information about how this program works and what claimants need to do. At the end of this text is a link to use to request the claim forms and view the Terms and Conditions for the program. Claimants must read the claim form and agree to the Terms and Conditions. This page exists to explain some of the more common scenarios in plain language.

    What needs to be sent:

    When submitting a claim, please follow the directions on the claim form. You’ll need to send at least the following material:

    1. a completed, signed and notarized claim form;
    2. proof of the pre-existing problem title for U.S. claims or proof of a branded registration for Canadian claims. This document should be the title or registration (Canada) that you feel AutoCheck should have reported on. This title or registration should have been issued before the date that you ran the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report;
    3. proof of current ownership of the vehicle (your vehicle’s purchase receipt and a copy of the current title in your name).
    4. a copy of the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report run on the vehicle in question. Report should be dated prior to the vehicle purchase date

    What happens next:

    - If all supporting documentation is complete, then we begin processing the claim. A letter indicating receipt of the claim is sent to you, and processing typically takes six to eight weeks. The result of the claim is covered in a subsequent letter.

    - If supporting documentation is missing or inadequate, we’ll send you a letter detailing what needs extra attention. When you send in the supplementary information, we’ll start processing the claim. The result of the claim is covered in a subsequent letter.

    Common stumbling blocks (reasons claims are denied):

    - The issue date of the problem title is within 60 days of the date that the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report was run. This window of exclusion is detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

    - The “problem” identified by the claimant is not title related. For instance, odometer issues are not covered by the Buyback Protection guarantee unless an actual title brand related to an odometer issue exists and is documented accordingly.

    So now what?

    AutoCheck is confident about the quality of our data, and we encourage properly documented claims. If you have further questions about the program, please send us an email message detailing your concerns.

    - To view or print the claim forms, click here.

    - To view or print the Terms and Conditions of the AutoCheck Buyback Protection guarantee program, please click here.

    If you would prefer to have the forms mailed to you via the USPS, please send us a message using the Ask a Question function and include your name and full mailing address.

    Thanks for inquiring about AutoCheck 's Buyback Protection guarantee!

    To order a full AutoCheck Vehicle History Report please visit:

    AutoCheck Buyback Protection guarantee

    Buyback Protection Terms and Conditions

    Subject to the following, Experian agrees to pay the Customer the Customer's purchase price of the Vehicle if:

    A. the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report was provided prior to the purchase of the Vehicle and on or after June 27, 2005; and

    B. the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report reflects no Branded Titles as part of the Vehicle Title history (i.e. the vehicle was “AutoCheck Assured”), but a Branded Title actually exists.

    1a. Branded Title- is a vehicle ownership or registration document issued by any of the 50 states of the U.S. (or the District of Columbia), issued with words or symbols signifying that the vehicle was: junked or salvaged; dismantled, rebuilt or reconstructed; flood damaged; fire damaged; hail damaged; bought back by its manufacturer ("Lemon Law" vehicle); odometer exceeds mechanical limits; odometer was not actual mileage; or which was issued with any other symbol or word signifying a substantially similar brand.

    1b. Excluded Brands- Specifically excluded from the definition of Branded Title are: ownership and registration documents originally issued without a brand but later stamped with a brand without being reissued; salvage titles issued due to theft; damage disclosure documents; and Branded Titles issued in error and later corrected. Other information that may reflect negatively on the vehicle,
    including but not limited to accident information, is excluded from AutoCheck Buyback Protection unless expressly covered by the definition of “Branded Title”.

    2. Consumer- the person (other than a Dealer or Transferee) who ordered and paid for the Report prior to their purchase of the Vehicle.

    3. Customer- a Consumer, or any licensed automobile dealer (“Dealer”) who ordered and paid for the Report through an AutoCheck Commercial Service (“Commercial Service” is any site geared solely for dealers or other commercial users, such as AutoCheckmembers.com, either accessed directly or through a partner, and AutoCheck Express) or the Transferee of any such Dealer.

    4. Report/AutoCheck Report- AutoCheck Vehicle History Report.

    5. Transferee- the purchaser of the Vehicle from the Dealer.

    6. Vehicle- the passenger vehicle or light truck to which the Report relates.


    1. The Customer must have previously purchased the Vehicle and own the Vehicle at the time the claim is made. If the Vehicle is subject to a lien in an unpaid amount greater than the amount identified in item 8, this Protection only applies if the Customer pays Experian the difference.

    2. The Customer must complete and submit to Experian an executed claim form and provide a complete copy of the Report. Any Dealer Customer must have obtained the Report through an AutoCheck Commercial Service prior to the purchase of the Vehicle.

    3. The Customer must provide to Experian proof of ownership of the Vehicle in the form of the original bill of sale and a current vehicle ownership document issued to the Customer by the motor vehicle agency of one of the 50 states of the United States or the District of Columbia.

    4. The Customer must provide to Experian a copy of the front and back of the Branded Title, certified by the issuing state authority. The Branded Title must have been issued at least sixty (60) days prior to the date the Report was run.

    5. The Customer must deliver to Experian all ownership and registration documentation including, the certificate of title and certificate of registration, properly assigned by the Customer to Experian so Experian becomes the owner of the Vehicle.

    6. If, prior to purchasing the Vehicle, the Customer knew, or had evidence, of the existence of a Branded Title for the Vehicle, the Protection does not apply.

    7. Experian will pay a maximum of the purchase price of the Vehicle paid by the Customer (plus warranties and other additional purchases such as installed aftermarket accessories, not exceeding a total of $500).

    8. If the purchase price of the Vehicle in item 7 exceeds the NADA Used Car Guides used vehicle retail value at the time of the sale, Experian will pay no more than ten percent (10%) over the NADA Used Car Guides used vehicle retail value at the time the Customer purchased
    the Vehicle.

    9. The Buyback Protection will apply only if the Vehicle was manufactured in model year 1981 or later.

    10. The Buyback Protection will expire the earlier of (a) the date the Customer sells the Vehicle or (b) one (1) year after the date of the first Report run by or for the Customer relating to the

    11. This Buyback Protection is deemed assigned to the Transferee upon the sale of the Vehicle, provided that a copy of the Report is given to the Transferee and the Transferee registers in
    accordance with item 12.

    12. In order for this Buyback Protection to be in effect for Transferees or Consumers, they must register with Experian within ninety (90) days of the date they purchased the Vehicle.
    Registration may be made by writing Experian for a registration form and submitting the same to Experian. The registration form must be completed and submitted to:

    Buyback Protection C/O Experian Automotive, 955 American Lane,
    Schaumburg, IL 60173.

    13. Claims can be submitted to: Buyback Protection C/O Experian Automotive, 955 American Lane, Schaumburg, IL 60173. Please include name, address, telephone number, email
    address, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the Vehicle and a copy of the original report. Claim forms can be obtained by writing to Experian at the address above.

    14. Experian reserves the right to cancel the Buyback Protection program at anytime, but pledges to honor all current and future Buyback Protection claims as long as they meet all of the Buyback Protection terms and conditions stated herein and the Report was run prior to Buyback Protection program cancellation.

    15. Dealer Customers must use an AutoCheck Commercial Service in order for their transferees to be eligible for Buyback Protection. Because Dealer Customers are prohibited from using the AutoCheck Consumer Web site, they are not eligible for Buyback Protection if they purchase from a Consumer Web site, and their subsequent Transferees are not covered by Buyback Protection in such instance.

    16. The Buyback Protection will be governed by the laws of, and Customer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of, the State of Illinois, United States of America.

    Introduction on AutoCheck Vehicle History Report back to top
    AutoCheck TERM

    VIN: The Vehicle ID Number (VIN) can be found on dashboards and title documents. All cars and light trucks built after 1981 have a unique 17-character VIN that contains valuable information about that vehicle's history.

    Shopping Tip: To check used vehicles while you shop, be sure to ask the dealer/seller for the VINs.

    Auto News: Sweetened consumer incentives, enhanced vehicle lineups and an improving U.S. economy lifted new car and truck sales in last November, automakers reported - source: Business AP. Most analysts predicted sales of new cars and trucks to rise last month from October and a year ago thanks to hefty showroom bargains, which are likely to continue for the remainder of the year. Many automakers also improved incentives to end 2002 as they tried to meet year-end sales goals. Also helping, analysts and automakers said, is a strengthening economy that bodes well for business heading into 2004.

    Since more people buying new cars, there are also more used cars offered for sale on the market. With Internet growing popularity consumers has been using Internet as the source for searching information, shopping products and services. Lemon History Check has been providing Free VIN Check and AutoCheck Vehicle History Report service via Internet since December 1996 - AutoCheck history. Consumers have been using AutoCheck Vehicle History Report since 1996, which was the first year it is made available to consumers. With the Internet access, consumers can gain the same instant access to vehicle history reports, which was already available to used car dealers via fax since 1986.

    The AutoCheck database is the most comprehensive and accurate vehicle database in North America, containing 2.36 billion vehicle history records that are updated monthly - source, data provided and its meaning. Each record reveals information about a car's history, such as an odometer reading, date a salvage/junk title was issued, or if it was a rental car. The following are the data reported:

    • Totaled in an accident / Salvaged
    • Flood damage
    • Odometer rollbacks
    • Lemon histories
    • Junked Titles
    • State emissions inspection results
    • Lien activity, and/or
    • Vehicle use (taxi, rental, lease, etc.)
    • get Unlimited AutoCheck Vehicle History Report



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