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Car History Year 1993
Date: Monday, September 27 @ 13:45:34 UTC
Topic: Cars

The idea of having an exotic car body designed in Europe and then installing an American V8 engine into it isn't a new one. It wasn't new when Cadillac introduced the Allante in the late summer of '86 as a 1987 model. What was different about the Cadiliac ultra-luxury two-seater was the fact that the bodies were handbuilt in Turin, Italy, by Pininfarina and then flown across the Atlantic - 56 at a time - in a Boeing 747 freighter known as the "Airbridge." Some of the body components actually made the eight-hour flight in both directions, because the Allante was based on an Eldorado underbody and these were shipped out to Italy (along with various other parts) for modification.

After Pininfarina's craftsmen shortened the Eldorado platform slightly and assembled the Allante body onto it, the finished unit was fully painted and trimmed before being sent to Detroit for completion. In a relatively small corner of the GM Hamtramck assembly plant the front-wheel-drive powertrain and suspension were added to produce an unusual combination of Italian style and US muscle. Unfortunately, although the understated (for a Cadiliac) looks were generally well received, the performance of the Allante never quite lived up to potential customers' expectations. The interior, with its hugely intrusive rectangular central console set into the dash was also criticized, as was the amount of plastic used on as $50,000 automobile. And|||| disappointing 4.1-liter V8 only produced which gave the *87 Allante a 0-60mph time seconds and a top speed of around 120mph. those figures aren't too bad, a Road & comparison test with a Mercedes-Benz showed the German sportster to be two quicker to GOmph and more than 15mph faster. Allante sales in the first year amounted to only 3,363 cars, and the figure dropped to 2,569 in '88. A bigger 200 horsepower engine was fitted for '89 and this, together with the uprated suspension, helped the performance aspect, with various improvements to the interior being another step in the right direction. An antilock braking system was introduced in 1990 but, positive though these changes were, Aliante couldn't seem to shake off its image as being a luxury cruiser rather than an exclusive, high-performance machine. Sales hovered around the 3,000 mark for most years, but fell disastrously to 624 in '92. The 1993 Allante was by far the best yet, thanks to the arrival of the fabulous Cadillac Northstar V8. This 4.6-liter all-aluminum engine, with double-overhead camshafts for each cylinder bank and 32 valves, pumped out a mighty 290bhp, turning the Allante into the quickest and fastest Cadiliac ever tested by Road & Track. Zero to 60mph was achieved in 6.7 seconds, while the top speed had jumped to 145mph. In recognition of the Allante's elevation to performance car status, the Cadiliac was chosen as the Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500 and it was said to have undertaken the role in completely standard form (apart from additional safety equipment, like the roll bar). But it still wasn't enough. Demand remained depressingiy low and the '93 model was decreed to be the last after approximately 3,500 were built - it was a sad ending. The Allante, particularly fitted with the North Star V8, was a potential winner, not only in the domestic market, but across the world - if only the price had been right. 1993 was also celebrated as the centenary of the gasoline-powered American automobile. It was on September 21 1893 that Frank Duryea took his buggy for its first test drive on public roads in Springfield, Massachusetts. Steam-powered contraptions had been around for much longer of course, but the Duryea is usually regarded as the forefather of the modern car. Specification 1993 CADILLAC ALLANTE Engine V8-all aluminum Displacement 279 cu. ins Bore and stroke 3.66 x 3.31 ins. Horsepower 295 Body styles Convertible coupe No. of seats 4 Weight (lbs) 3,776 Ibs Price $61,675 Produced 4,670     Specification 1993 FORD PROBE Engine V6- Cast iron block with aluminum head Displacement 153 cu. ins Bore and stroke 3.33x2.92 ins. Horsepower 164 Body styles Coupe No. of seats 4 Weight (lbs) 2,730 Ibs - 3,000 Ibs Price $12,730-$14,857 Produced 50,517     Specification 1993 BUICK RIVIERA Engine V6 - Cast iron block & head Displacement 231 cu. ins Bore and stroke 3.80x3.40 ins. Horsepower 170 Body styles Coupe No. of seats 5 Weight (lbs) 3,504 Price $26,320 Produced 4,555     Specification 1993 CHEVROLET BLAZER Engine V6 - Cast iron block with alu-minum head Displacement 262 cu. ins Bore and stroke 4.00 X 3.48 ins. Horsepower 190 Body styles 2/4 Door ATV No. of seats 4 Weight (lbs) 3,611 Ibs-4,134 Ibs Price $25,000 Produced -  

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