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Free Vin Check, Get Vehicle History Report, Free Car History, Used Car History, Auto History, Free Vehicle History, VIN Number Check, Car History, Lemon, Check
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    Car Auction, Auto Auction
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    ·BMW Auctions Off 18th Man Position on the BMW ORACLE Racing Yacht During the Lou
    ·Rare Enzo Ferrari Raises More Than $1.15 Million For St. Jude Children's
    ·Le Mans Memorabilia on the Starting Grid
    ·Gentlemen, Start Your Bidding: Four Cars and Other Memorabilia From Hit Film T
    ·Otis Chandler Collection Auction to be Previewed at Meadow Brook Concours Sunday
    ·Gooding & Company to Sell Two Significant Vehicles at Pebble Beach Auction t
    ·Car Auction Record Bids Expected at Gooding & Co Auction


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      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Axion Power Licensed to Produce Batteries for

    Axion Power Licensed to Produce Batteries for Vintage Ford Muscle Cars
    NEW CASTLE, Pa., Aug. 2 -- Axion Power International Inc (OTC Pink Sheets: AXPW), a supplier of lightweight, quickly rechargeable and lead-reduced lead-acid batteries, said today that it has expanded the brand horizons of its Specialty Battery business, which concentrates on race-car batteries and batteries for vintage or collector cars. The Company said it has signed a licensing agreement with the Ford Motor Company that authorizes it to produce and market replacement batteries for vintage Ford "muscle" cars using the Ford brand name.
    CEO Tom Granville commented, "Axion Power has a new technology for batteries that will, we believe, improve the functionality and utility of lead-acid batteries for multiple applications. But we also have a high respect for the past, and our specialty battery division makes the finest 'old style' (and sometimes only) replacement batteries for vintage cars. We have the molds and brandings that precisely duplicate the original vintage car equipment. Inside the replicated case is our maintenance- free AGM battery with all the cold cranking power properties of a 21st century battery line product. We are very pleased to have expanded our horizon with this license from Ford Motor Company."
    Axion Power took over an existing but defunct lead-acid battery plant in New Castle, and has steadily expanded its output and employment, in a reversal of a long-term trend toward offshore suppliers. Its new technology offers a superior approach to rechargeability, deep cycling, and reduces weight and lead content, while extending battery life significantly. Axion looks forward to supplying batteries for wind and solar power storage applications, electric grid buffering, building UPS, telecom, traditional motive power, and new hybrid electric vehicles. It believes other market opportunities will follow.
      Posted by Cars on Thursday, August 02 @ 23:35:30 UTC (8480 reads)
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      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Detroit Muscle Celebrates International River Days!

    Detroit Muscle Celebrates International River Days!
    HOLLY, Mich., June 25 -- Detroit Muscle, A CMI-Schneible Group Company is proud to be participating in the first annual Detroit International River Days, June 22-27 along Detroit's new RiverWalk.

    "With the strong traditions of Detroit and its beautiful waterfront, it is important for all of us to support our community and preserve that heritage, as well as, build awareness of the new Detroit International Waterfront", said Hilary Goetz, COO. "It is the perfect venue to showcase our "100% Pure" Detroit Muscle products made right here in Michigan."
      Posted by Cars on Monday, June 25 @ 10:54:49 UTC (7563 reads)
    Read More... | 1804 bytes more | Score: 0

      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Detroit Muscle Chosen to Build 'The D-Rod' to Promote Detroit

    Detroit Muscle Chosen to Build 'The D-Rod' to Promote Detroit

    HOLLY, Mich., Jan. 31 -- Detroit Muscle, A CMI-Schneible Group Company, was selected by the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) to build their new flagship promotional vehicle -- "The D-Rod" -- with a completion date of Jan. 31st, 2007. In keeping with their mission statement, Detroit Muscle did it again. Their "On-Time, On-Budget" manufacturing philosophy ensured the project would meet the tight timeline for delivery.

    The '32 Ford Hot Rod project was the inspiration of Chris Baum, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the DMCVB. The newest Detroit Muscle collaboration was revealed at the Detroit Opera House today at the DMCVB annual meeting, as part of their new campaign to re-brand Detroit. With the support of Larry Alexander, DMCVB President & CEO, the message to Detroit Muscle was clear: Build "The D-Rod" to excite a new audience about Metro Detroit as a leisure and meeting destination.

      Posted by Cars on Tuesday, January 30 @ 15:53:21 UTC (9757 reads)
    Read More... | 3153 bytes more | Score: 0

      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Chrysler Group President and CEO Tom LaSorda Says Dodge Challenger is a 'Go

    Chrysler Group President and CEO Tom LaSorda Says Dodge Challenger is a 'Go'

    Nearly 35 years later, Dodge Challenger returns as the ultimate modern
    American muscle coupe
    * Unprecedented public response to Challenger concept leads to 'green
    light' decision for production * Chrysler Group COO Eric Ridenour says
    concept-to-production success story highlights focus on speed-to-market

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich., July 1 -- Chrysler Group
    President and CEO Tom LaSorda today announced that Dodge Challenger will
    return to production after a nearly 35-year hiatus. The all-new Dodge
    Challenger will debut as a 2008 model in calendar-year 2008.
    The announcement was made shortly before the Pepsi 400 NASCAR race at
    Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla. Driving out with the
    Dodge Challenger was Chrysler Group Chief Operating Officer Eric Ridenour.
    "We haven't seen this kind of spontaneous, passionate response to a car
    since we unveiled the Dodge Viper concept in 1989," said LaSorda. "But it's
    easy to see what people like about the Dodge Challenger. It's bold,
    powerful and capable. It's a modern take on one of the most iconic muscle
    cars, and sets a new standard for pure 'pony car' performance."
    The Dodge Challenger will feature the long hood, short deck, wide
    stance and two-door coupe body style that distinguished the iconic
    Challengers of the 1970s.

    "We drew on the rich heritage of the Dodge Challenger, but with
    contemporary forms and technologies," said Ridenour. "It's not just a re-
    creation; it's a reinterpretation."

    Dodge's "Pony Car" in the 1970s
    The Dodge Challenger made its debut in the fall of 1969 as a 1970
    model. While it shared the "E-body" platform with the Plymouth Barracuda,
    Dodge Challenger's wheelbase was two inches longer, creating more interior

    The Dodge Challenger was originally offered as either a two-door
    hardtop or convertible. And, befitting the brand's performance heritage,
    the Dodge Challenger also went racing in its first year, competing most
    notably in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-Am series and
    National Hot Rod Association's Pro Stock class.
    Although it was produced only from 1970 to 1974, the Dodge Challenger
    earned a reputation as one of the most desirable of the original "pony
    cars," with meticulously restored and rare examples today selling for
    six-figure prices.
      Posted by Cars on Saturday, July 01 @ 11:16:04 UTC (9323 reads)
    Read More... | 4304 bytes more | Score: 1

      Tractor Muscle Cars: Tractor: The Inventor - DANIEL BEST

    DANIEL BEST Daniel Best was bom in Ohio on 28 March 1838, the ninth child of 16 from his father's two marriages. As a youngster he lived for a time in Missouri, where his father ran a sawmill, before the family moved to Vincennes, Iowa to farm 400 acres. An older brother had already made the move to the West and encouraged Daniel to do the same. In 1859 he did so, working as a guard on a wagon train, and for the next ten years he earned a living in a variety of ways, mostly connected with the mining and timber industries.
      Posted by Cars on Tuesday, October 19 @ 12:01:43 UTC (4101 reads)
    Read More... | 3470 bytes more | Score: 2.5

      Tractor Muscle Cars: Tractor: VALMET

    VALMET Valmet is a Finnish tractor maker which was amalgamated with Volvo BM from Sweden in 1972.
      Posted by Cars on Tuesday, October 19 @ 11:39:52 UTC (5196 reads)
    Read More... | 412 bytes more | Score: 5

      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Muscle Cars: American Automobile Association

    American Automobile Association and Clubs
      Posted by Cars on Wednesday, October 13 @ 12:52:47 UTC (12967 reads)
    Read More... | 2934 bytes more | Score: 1

      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Muscle Cars: Canadian Automobile Association

    Canadian Automobile Associations and Clubs
      Posted by Cars on Wednesday, October 13 @ 12:51:24 UTC (37484 reads)
    Read More... | 2039 bytes more | Score: 1.66

      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Muscle Cars: British Automobile Association

    British Automobile Association
      Posted by Cars on Wednesday, October 13 @ 12:50:03 UTC (9692 reads)
    Read More... | 217 bytes more | Score: 1

      Muscle Cars Muscle Cars: Muscle Cars: 1964-1967 - Ten Quickest Muscle Cars

    Ten Quickest Muscle Cars
      Posted by Cars on Wednesday, October 13 @ 12:48:29 UTC (17611 reads)
    Read More... | 570 bytes more | Score: 2

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