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Entertainment Book - $ 8.99 instant Coupon and FREE Shipping on All 2011 Entertainment Books - $1,000's in 50% OFF Local Coupons Savings & $10,000 in Travel Discount Savings*

Entertainment Book offers Hundreds of Restaurant Offers Over $10,000 in Travel Savings Tons of Shopping and Services Offers Tons of Sports and Attractions Offer

All 2011 Entertainment Books are now $ 8.99 and qualify for FREE SHIPPING as well!* The Entertainment book has always been a great gift giving idea and this year is no exception!



Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book

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Entertainment Book













$ 8.99 instant Coupon 
        and FREE Shipping on All 2011 Entertainment Books Entertainment Book Free Shipping and $ 8.99

$ 8.99 instant Coupon 
        and FREE Shipping on All 2011 Entertainment Books
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Up to 50% Off Discounts at Top Attractions

Entertainment BookNow you can have more fun and pay less… up to 50% off admission to top attractions, both local and nationwide! As a member of Entertainment Benefits, you'll save whether it's a night at the symphony, a special exhibit at the museum, a trip to a theme park or a big night of bowling with friends … wherever you want… it's up to you! We've assembled nearly 22,000 attractions for you and your family to save on nationwide.

To locate your discounts, simply enter your address and hit "Find My Offers," then print the ones you want or save to your Clip Cart. You may search on city and state, ZIP only, or full address. Remember that the more information you provide, the more accurate your search will be

Coupon Use

  • To save at featured merchants, simply present your printable coupon before the merchant totals your bill. The appropriate discount will be taken off the total bill or selected/featured items, excluding tax, tip, alcohol and sale items-up to the maximum value stated on the coupon. Only one coupon and one bill will be accepted per visit.
  • Buy-One-Get-One-Free Offers - When purchasing two or more main-course entrees or menu items, the restaurant will deduct the least expensive main-course entree or menu item, up to the maximum value on the offer. For restaurants offering one complimentary "menu item" when a second is purchased, a "menu item" is considered a main-course item.
  • 50% Off Discounts - If offer states 50% off, you'll receive 50% off the designated item, up to the maximum value stated on the offer.
  • Dining Alone Option - Some restaurants include a "when dining alone" option clearly stated in the offer. These are valid only when dining alone and may not be used when individual diners join other people at a table.
  • Dining In Groups - When more than two people dine together, the following applies:
    • One bill per table (no separate checks), unless it is the restaurant's standard policy.
    • Only one coupon may be used for every two people, up to a maximum of three coupons per party.
    • The least expensive entrees or menu items in the party are discounted, up to the maximum value, unless otherwise specified on the coupon.
  • Dining With Children - Discounts do not apply to children's menu items. When dining with children, you must purchase two or more adult-priced main-course entrees or menu items in order to get one complimentary, up to the maximum value.
  • Tipping - For satisfactory service, the tip should equal 15-20% of the TOTAL BILL before the discount is subtracted.
  • Discounts cannot be used on major holidays including: Christmas Eve/Day, New Year's Eve/Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Sweetest Day.
    NOTE: Some merchants also observe other regionally celebrated holidays. If in doubt, please check with the merchant.
  • The coupon may not be used in conjunction with other promotional discounts. These include discount-priced daily specials, sale items, senior citizen rates, Early Bird specials, carry-out, buffets, etc. unless otherwise noted. Entertainment Publications' discounts are exclusive and may not be combined with any other awards, programs, discount-dining programs or offers.
  • Offers are only valid for two weeks from the date of printing.
  • Coupons are non-transferable. The barter, trade, sale, photocopying, alteration, purchase, or transfer of these offers by any person or entity is strictly prohibited. These offers are intended for the non-profit use of the individual registered for this program. Any use of an offer in violation of these Rules will render the offer VOID. Offers may not be reproduced and are void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Entertainment and/or its parent or subsidiaries, will not be responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept an offer; however, Entertainment will attempt to secure merchant compliance to the best of the company's ability.
  • Entertainment disclaims all alleged liability for bodily injury or property damage resulting from any accident, event or occurrence on, or resulting from the use of, the premises of the participating businesses. Entertainment disclaims all warranties, express, implied or otherwise imposed by law, regarding the condition of those premises or the safety of same. Entertainment disclaims all alleged vicarious liability for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the acts or omissions of the participating businesses.

The Entertainment Book Reviews

Entertainment's flagship coupon and discount book. Each Entertainment® book contains thousands of dollars worth of "2-for-1," 50% off and other valuable discounts from local and national restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, attractions, hotels, resorts, airlines, travel providers, retailers, grocery stores, shopping stores, online mall and other merchants. More than eight million books are sold annually, with a cumulative total of billions of dollars in savings opportunities.

There are more than 160 local Entertainment® book editions published annually, each containing hundreds of local savings opportunities at the very best fine dining establishments, favorite casual restaurants, popular chains, professional and college sporting events, golf, movies, attractions, car washes, video rental, grocery stores and dry cleaning. There's also a comprehensive travel section with significant savings at over 5,000 hotels and resorts, car rental agencies, major attractions and airlines.

The Entertainment® book is a gateway to a complete membership package. This membership includes the offers within each book and enclosed membership card for use at fine dining restaurants, 50% savings at hotels and other special discount offers. In addition, registering one's membership at provides access to thousands of additional hotel offers, printable coupons, special online discounts and other member benefits.

North America's #1 savings site. features printable offers from more than 50,000 merchant locations in over 160 North American markets. The site complements the Entertainment® book and provides users with access to "2-for-1", 50% off and other high-value discounts from local, national and online businesses. Quick and easy registration and powerful sorting capabilities simplifies finding favorite offers among a vast collection of printable coupons, online offers and other member discounts and benefits.

And, both visitors and members can browse and buy Entertainment® books from any market at our shopping mall.

Although Entertainment is best-known for its flagship product, the Entertainment® book (a.k.a. - "The BIG Coupon Book"), the company also offers other top-quality products and services that bring great value to end consumers, fund-raisers, corporate partners and other customers.

Entertainment Values® and Gold C® Coupon Books

Lower-priced versions of the Entertainment® book with fewer offers and coupons. Values® and Gold C® coupon books contain many of the same great '2-for-1' and 50% off coupons and discounts as the Entertainment® book with a focus on family-oriented entertainment and activities. They are sold primarily through elementary, middle and high school fundraisers to support thousands of worthy educational and athletic projects and activities.

The following are more information on Entertainment Coupon Book:





Entertainment Book News:

Entertainment Book Digital Savings Subscription is here!

Introducing the "Savings Subscription" membership! Consisting entirely of printable coupons, the Savings Subscription is the first product other than the Entertainment book that has ever offered! This product gives consumers more choices! Starting this Fall 2003, the Savings Subscription will be offered as a monthly, three-month, and yearly, membership.

The online subscriptions will feature the same familiar savings as the Entertainment book. You can save a lot of money by subscribing to Savings Subscriptions as well!

Entertainment Books Facts:

Entertainment Book was named one of 50 great ways to save money in the May 2002 issue of Consumer Reports.

The Entertainment Book more than pays for itself in just a few uses.

$1,000s in 2-for-1 and 50%-off savings on dining out, shopping, travel, and much more.

Ongoing 20%-off discounts with the Entertainment membership card.

New savings all year at

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