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Entertainment Book - $ 8.99 instant Coupon and FREE Shipping on All 2011 Entertainment Books - $1,000's in Local Coupons Savings & $10,000 in Travel Discount Savings*

Entertainment Book offers Hundreds of Restaurant Offers Over $10,000 in Travel Savings Tons of Shopping and Services Offers Tons of Sports and Attractions Offer

All 2011 Entertainment Books are now $ 8.99 and qualify for FREE SHIPPING as well!* The Entertainment book has always been a great gift giving idea and this year is no exception!



Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book

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Entertainment Book













The Entertainment® book contains hundreds of "2-for-1" and 50% off discounts adding up to thousands of dollars in savings on dining, entertainment, travel, attractions, shopping and more. As a compliment to the book, Entertainment developed the Web site, that gives consumers the opportunity to browse and purchase the book, and provides members with great additional savings beyond the book, including printable coupons and online offers.

$ 8.99 instant Coupon 
        and FREE Shipping on All 2011 Entertainment Books Entertainment Book Free Shipping and $ 8.99

$ 8.99 instant Coupon 
        and FREE Shipping on All 2011 Entertainment Books
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About Entertainment Book Publications

Entertainment Book Publications is the world's leading marketer of shopping coupon books, discounts and merchant promotions. Considered the pioneer of the "2-for-1" discount, Entertainment is best-known for its flagship product, the Entertainment® book, which contains thousands of dollars worth of "2-for-1" and 50% off shopping discounts from local and national restaurants, hotels, and other merchants specializing in leisure activities. There are many coupons from shops that is available in your local shopping mall.

In addition to coupon books, the company's other product lines include customized discount programs, Sally Foster® giftwrap and gift products, and Summer Vacation® educational activity books.

History of Entertertainment Book

The Entertainment success story began in 1962 when Hughes and Sheila Potiker, a suburban Detroit couple, developed a local coupon book offering discounts on sports, leisure activities and vacations. The next year, restaurants and other categories were added. Since then, Entertainment has expanded its product lines and now serves more than 160 major markets throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand and has international licensees in Europe and Asia. To date, more than 80 million books have been sold!

Entertainment Book Offers Valuable Offers from High Profile Merchants

One of Entertainment's key assets is a proprietary coupon database of 70,000 local merchants representing 275,000 locations that offer "2-for-1," 50% off and other valuable discounts which appear in the company's coupon books and discount programs. Entertainment's success is based on consistently attracting high-profile merchants, from the very best local proprietors to the most popular regional, national and online businesses.
These merchants typically do not discount, but Entertainment programs have proven to be so effective in introducing new customers that they agree to include tremendous introductory offers in the company's products.

Entertainment Book Product and Web Site Overview

  • Entertainment® book - The company's flagship "2-for-1" and 50% off coupon and discount book.
  • - North America's #1 savings site and part of the Entertainment membership package; complements the Entertainment® book with additional printable discounts, online offers and other benefits.
  • Values® and Gold C® coupon books - Lower-priced versions of the Entertainment® book with fewer offers.
  • Custom Discount Programs - Coupon books, directories, cards and online discounts that can be customized for nearly any application.
  • Sally Foster® - The premier brand in giftwrap, related accessories and chocolate for the fund-raising market.
  • SallyFoster - An easy-to-use online site that complements the Sally Foster® catalogue.
    Summer Vacation® - A series of grade-based educational activity books and software for elementary students.

Entertainment Book Sales

Number of 2002 books sold (Entertainment®, Values® and Gold C®): More than 8 million.

Number of Employees

More than 1,000

One For the Community
Through the One for the Community® (OFTC) program, Entertainment book helps provide communities throughout North America with the necessary funding for educational, non-profit and other worthy causes. Funds raised through OFTC have gone towards the purchase of textbooks, computer labs, playground equipment, feeding the hungry, cancer research and much, much more.

The OFTC program works through partnerships Entertainment forms with local TV and radio stations, and/or sports teams, who provide our schools and community groups with the necessary media exposure to get their sales off the ground.

Availability of Products

  • Schools, community and employee groups frequently use Entertainment book products as a fund-raiser and retain up to 50% of the sale proceeds, earning more than $100 million annually to support their causes.
  • Large corporations and small businesses incorporate Entertainment® books and custom discount programs into their sales, marketing and employee benefit programs.
  • Major retailers, direct marketers and online businesses sell Entertainment® books and custom discount programs.
  • Entertainment book products are also available on Auto Lemon - Used Car History Check





Entertainment Book News:

Entertainment Book Digital Savings Subscription is here!

Introducing the "Savings Subscription" membership! Consisting entirely of printable coupons, the Savings Subscription is the first product other than the Entertainment book that has ever offered! This product gives consumers more choices! Starting this Fall 2003, the Savings Subscription will be offered as a monthly, three-month, and yearly, membership.

The online subscriptions will feature the same familiar savings as the Entertainment book. You can save a lot of money by subscribing to Savings Subscriptions as well!

Entertainment Books Facts:

Entertainment Book was named one of 50 great ways to save money in the May 2002 issue of Consumer Reports.

The Entertainment Book more than pays for itself in just a few uses.

$1,000s in 2-for-1 and 50%-off savings on dining out, shopping, travel, and much more.

Ongoing 20%-off discounts with the Entertainment membership card.

New savings all year at

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