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Lease FAQ

What are the benefits of leasing?
Perhaps the biggest advantage to leasing is that it typically means a lower monthly payment than financing, as you're only paying for the portion of the vehicle's "life" that you actually intend to use. Leasing also allows you to drive a new vehicle without making a big down payment, and if your vehicle is used for business, leasing can potentially offer attractive tax benefits as well. Most significantly, many customers simply find leasing more convenient than ownership. Since most leases last two to three years, drivers who stay within their lease's mileage limits can count on full warranty protection for as long as you drive your Infiniti. Furthermore, vehicle depreciation is never a concern, and there's no hassle when your lease is over — you merely return the vehicle to your dealer, pay any remaining fees and taxes, and walk away.

Who's responsible for maintenance, repairs and other service costs?
Strictly speaking, you are responsible for returning your leased vehicle in good condition at lease-end. This generally means keeping up with (and paying for) scheduled maintenance and service, as well as repairing any damage the vehicle incurs while it is in your care. You will also be responsible for removing any additional equipment you might have installed. If you prefer not to repair your vehicle, you can choose to return it as is and pay a repair fee, the amount of which will be determined at that time.

What happens if I should move during the term of the lease?
If you need to move within the continental U.S. during the course of your lease, please notify us of your new address and phone number. Your lease agreement will contain further details, but in most instances, your relocation should not present a problem other than registration and payment of fees and taxes assessed at your new residence. (Please note that your lease agreement will prohibit the removal of your vehicle to or from the continental U.S or overseas without prior permission from IFS).

Can I sell my lease to a third party?
It may be possible to transfer your lease to a third party. For complete details, you may contact Infiniti Financial Services at 800-627-4437.

How long are the lease terms?
Once you've decided to lease your vehicle, you can choose the lease term that is most convenient for you. While many lease terms are available, most last from two to four years, with three-year leases being the norm.

Is there any limit to the number of miles I can drive?
When you initially choose the terms of your lease, you will set a mileage allowance that covers the lease's full term. When the lease ends, any mileage in excess of this amount will be subject to a per-mile charge, or what is termed an "excess mileage fee."

Am I still responsible for paying taxes and license fees?
In leasing a vehicle, you will be responsible for paying all license and registration fees throughout the lease term. Of course, the exact amount will vary by state. Where applicable, your lease may also be subject to a state sales or use tax. In some states you may also be required to pay personal property tax on the leased vehicle (this is also known as ad valorem or "excise tax").

I have moved to another state and need to register my vehicle, what do I need to do?
Contact your local DMV office or Tag Service. The original title to your vehicle may be required to complete the registration process. IFS will need a written request for a title from the DMV listing your name, address, account number, and vehicle information. The written request should also have the DMV or Tag Service's address and telephone number listed.

IFS will mail the title, registration request, power of attorney, and tax letter (if applicable) to the DMV office. The DMV office will notify you when the title is received. The registration / title application will be completed at the DMV office.

I can no longer afford this vehicle/I no longer need or want this vehicle; can I get out of this lease early?
You have an early termination option in your lease agreement. You may contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-627-4437 to advise you if your account is eligible for early termination.

*** Note: California accounts are administered differently. ***

How do I qualify for an early termination quote?

In most states you must have made 12 payments in order to be eligible to do an early termination.
Your account must be current.
Your lease agreement requires you to provide a 30-day prior written notification requesting an early termination quote. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-627-4437.

How is an early termination/quote calculated?
An early termination fee is the difference, if any, between the unpaid adjusted capitalized cost and the fair market wholesale value of the vehicle. This basically represents the present value of monthly payments not yet due on your lease and the purchase option price less the wholesale value of the vehicle.

What is the difference between sales tax and use tax?
Sales tax is a tax imposed by your state at the time of sale. This can be assessed at the beginning of your lease. Should you decide to purchase your lease vehicle, you will be required to pay sales tax on the purchase price of your lease vehicle. Use tax is a tax imposed by your state on the use of the vehicle. This amount is collected by IFS, along with your monthly payment, and remitted to your state of residence.

How can I qualify for tax exemption?
If you are a tax-exempt organization, you may be exempt from monthly use tax on your leased vehicle. Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-627-4437 and provide the customer service associate with a copy of the tax-exempt certificate.

Will I receive a refund of the unused tax I paid up front?
Refunds vary by state, therefore we recommend you contact your local tax assessor's office or Department of Motor Vehicles to verify if you qualify for a refund of unused taxes.

Do all states charge property tax?
No. Only some states charge personal property tax. Some states may assess a property tax, but elect to bill the lessee directly, other states bill the lessor.

Why does IFS pay certain states and not others?

If your state elects to bill the lessor for the property tax, they also require payment to be remitted by the lessor. This is why IFS pays the tax and then bills the amount to your lease account.

Why I am I assessed tax on the property tax charge?

Some states require sales tax to be collected and remitted on any amount billed to your account. Since IFS bills the lease account for the amount of personal property taxes paid, the state considers this a "pass through" item and requires the sales tax be remitted.

I was not told about this, is this in my contract?
Yes. It is detailed in your contract in two separate sections. One section lists the estimated amount of taxes that will be assessed over the term of the lease. The second section (Additional Terms and Agreements) states you are responsible for all fees and taxes including personal property tax.

What amount will the property tax be? Will I be billed the same amount each year?
The amount billed will be determined by the methods used by the state. The amount charged may vary from year to year. For the jurisdictions that bill bi-annually, the amounts may be the same.

My property tax is already calculated in my monthly payment. Why will I be charged again?

The property tax is not calculated into the monthly payment. For some states, the sales or use tax is assessed monthly, which is separate from property tax.

I do not own the vehicle, why do I have to pay property tax?
Property taxes are the responsibility of the lessee and this responsibility is outlined in the contract.

If I return my license plates will the DMV send me a receipt verifying the plate number?
In most cases, the receipt will be sent directly to IFS because we are listed as the legal owner of the vehicle.

Is property tax deductible?
Please contact your tax consultant for advice.

Who determines the amount to charge for personal property tax?
Your local, county, and state tax authorities determine the rate for the jurisdiction in which you reside.

How long do I have to pay the bill?

The bill is due upon receipt.

I am in the military, do I still have to pay property tax?
Yes. Because the vehicle is registered to IFS as the owner, the state will assess property tax and will not give an exemption.

I have a state specific Property Tax question.


Will I receive a refund if I move out of state?
No. Arkansas does not pro-rate or refund.


Do I have to register my vehicle, if I am only here temporarily?
Please contact your local taxing office for this information.

What is the penalty if not registered within timeframe?
Please contact your local taxing office for this information.

Can you explain Supplemental and Grand List in terms the average person can understand?
The Grand List is for the period of October 1st to September 30th and is comprised of all vehicles that have active registration records with the Connecticut DMV on or before October 1st. These bills are usually sent out in July and are due by September 30th. The Supplemental List is for vehicles registered after October 1st. These are billed for property tax from the date of registration through September 30th.

What if I moved and did not return my plates?
The state of Connecticut does not issue a refund of property tax until the plates are returned and a plate return receipt is issued.

I returned my plates to the new state. What do I do now?
You should contact the state of Connecticut to file for lost plates in order to obtain a plate return receipt.

New Orleans Parish

Will I receive a bill if I live outside the city limits?
You will only receive a bill if you are a resident of the New Orleans Parish

North Carolina

Do I have to register my vehicle, if I am only here temporarily?
Please contact your local taxing office for this information.


I turned the vehicle in. Do I still owe the taxes?
If you had possession of the vehicle on January 1st then tax for the full year will be assessed and you are responsible for the amount assessed by the state.

I sold/traded in the car. Do I still owe taxes?
If you had the vehicle on January 1st, you will be billed property tax for the entire year.

I moved. Do I still owe the entire amount, or can it be pro-rated?
If you had the vehicle on January 1st, you will be billed property tax for the entire year.

Is the property tax based on registration change or address change?
The property tax is billed based on DMV records. If you move within the state you will need to notify the DMV of your correct address to be charged the tax rate for your new area.


Was the excise tax based on the original value of the vehicle or the current value?
The state of Massachusetts assesses properties from the time the vehicle was registered at the DMV based on a percentage of the retail price times the tax rate of $25.00/$1,000 (2.5%) statewide.

Will I receive a bill from my town as well, or just the state?
The excise tax is billed by the city/town the vehicle is garaged in. The city/town obtains this information from state DMV records.

Rhode Island

My lease ends in the next few months. Do I still need to pay property taxes and if so, how much?
Rhode Island does pro-rate the tax based on when the plates are returned to the state.


If I moved out of the state after January 1st, will the amount be pro-rated for the amount of months I lived there?
No. Texas assesses property tax on vehicles garaged in the state on January 1st. If you move after that date, you will be responsible for the entire amount of tax billed.

How many bills will I receive for property tax?
You could receive up to 5 separate bills.


Is there any penalty if I do not register the vehicle within the thirty days?
The county will assess a penalty if you do not register the vehicle within the designated timeframe. Any penalties will be billed along with your property tax and will be passed through to your account.

I am moving within state, do I still need to notify the DMV in the city/county?
Yes. You are required to notify your old jurisdiction that you no longer reside there and you need to notify the new jurisdiction in order to obtain a county decal.

What constitutes "excessive" wear and use?

"Excessive" wear and use is any damage or usage that goes well beyond that which is typically incurred as a result of everyday driving. Should it ultimately be determined that excessive wear and use does exist, you will be charged for the repair cost.

Are there any owner loyalty offers available if I purchase or lease another Infiniti?
Yes. Currently, when you purchase or lease a new Infiniti at lease-end, we'll waive your security deposit when you lease a new Infiniti on or before your current lease expiration date.* And when you lease or purchase a new Infiniti we'll also waive your Disposition Fee, for a savings of up to $350**, and we'll even waive up to $500** of excess wear-and-tear liability on your current IFS lease. Please be aware that these owner loyalty offers are available to currently expiring leases and may be withdrawn in the future.

* Offer good from 120 days prior to or 30 days after customer's termination of lease. The registered owner's name of the currently leased Infiniti must be the same as the registered owner of the new Infiniti or held in joint ownership. Customers must satisfy all obligations to Infiniti Financial Services, in accordance with their lease agreement. The excess wear-and-use waiver does not apply to excess mileage fees.

** At any authorized Infiniti dealer through Infiniti Financial Services (IFS), subject to credit qualification and satisfaction of current lease obligations (including charges for excess mileage and/or wear and use and taxes). See Dealer for details.

Can I keep my vehicle after the lease termination date?
If you're choosing to decline your option to purchase, your leased vehicle must be returned on or shortly before the lease termination date. While under special circumstances lease extension may be requested, all such extension requests must be referred to and approved by Infiniti Financial Services.

Can I return my vehicle before the lease is up?
An early termination option is included in your lease agreement. You may contact Infiniti Financial Services at 1-800-777-7018 to discuss this option.

What should I do at the end of my lease?
Begin considering your options several months before the end of your lease term. Click on "End of Lease" to get step-by-step instructions for the end of your lease.

What happens if I exceed the mileage limit on my lease?
There is a charge at the end of your lease for any miles exceeding the amount agreed-upon in your agreement. See your lease agreement for your mileage limit and per-mile charge.

What happens when my lease ends?
What happens at lease-end will really depend on whether you choose to purchase your Infiniti, return your leased vehicle and then lease or purchase another, or simply return it and walk away. As the end of your lease approaches, we will be in touch with several communication pieces discussing all options available to you, and give further detail as to the exact chain of events. Should you decide at lease-end to simply return your Infiniti, your vehicle will be inspected by a third party to determine if any excessive wear and usage exists, and you will then formally terminate your lease obligation and fulfill any lease-end fees and taxes. Again, you will receive specific information regarding the return of your vehicle as you near your lease-end date.

Where do I return my vehicle?
In most cases, your vehicle should be returned to the same dealer that originally executed your lease. If this is not possible, (for example, due to a dealer closing, or if you have relocated to another state) you may return the vehicle to any Nissan or Infiniti dealer.

What if I want to purchase my vehicle at lease end?

If you simply can't bear to part with your Infiniti vehicle at the end of your lease (and needless to say, we quite understand), you will have the option to purchase it at whatever price was agreed to when you initially signed your lease. In choosing to purchase your vehicle, you will not be responsible for any excess mileage or excessive wear and use, but other charges, fees (such as purchase option fees), and taxes may still apply.

For leases, Infiniti Financial Services acts as servicer for Nissan-Infiniti LT, except in the state of Hawaii.

If paying by check, where should I mail my payment?
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 0568
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0568

What is SignatureDIRECTPAY®
SignatureDIRECTPAY® is a program offered by IFS that allows you the ability to make your monthly payment through an electronic transfer of funds from your bank to ours. This is also commonly referred to as ACH (Automated Clearing House).

Who is eligible?
All IFS customers whose accounts are not in default are eligible. At this time, the program is not available to customers in Hawaii, Guam, or Subaru Acceptance accounts.

How do I enroll in this program?
You may obtain an electronic enrollment form (see form link) or the form can be obtained from our automated attendant by calling the Customer Service Department at 1-800-456-6622. Upon completion of the enrollment form, mail it or fax along with a voided check for processing to:

Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 650424
Dallas, Texas 75265
Fax: 972-501-8023

How is my bank account information kept secure in the event an error is made during enrollment?
IFS takes every measure to ensure your bank account information is protected. In the event an error occurs, your account will be corrected promptly. If you notice an error, please contact us immediately. You might want to contact your bank for more information on how errors are resolved.

How will I know I've been enrolled in the program?
You will receive written confirmation of your completed enrollment request, advising you of the date of the first scheduled draft from your bank account. (It normally takes 15 days for the initial set-up of your draft. You should continue to make your monthly payments until you receive the confirmation letter.)

Will I still receive a monthly billing statement?
Yes. You will continue to receive a monthly billing statement. Your statement will indicate that you are enrolled in the SignatureDIRECTPAY® program and will reflect the last draft amount applied to your account.

Can I draft an amount greater than my regular monthly payment?
Not at this time. Only the payment amount will be drafted from your bank account.

If my due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday, will my payment draft?
Your bank or credit union will withdraw the payment on the next business day.
You will receive credit for your payment on the actual due date.

Can I change the date my payment is drafted?
Yes, you may change your payment due date. To obtain the necessary documents to complete the change, please contact our Customer Service Department by calling 1-800-627-4437.

Will my account still be drafted if I pay off my account?
If you pay off your account within 7 days of your monthly due date, your bank account will still be drafted, otherwise the payoff of the account will terminate future drafts. Should the draft occur on or following the payoff of your account the overpayment will be mailed to you within 21 days.

How do I cancel my enrollment?
You may cancel your enrollment by sending a written request to:

Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 650424
Dallas, TX 75265
Fax: 972-607-8023

When will the cancellation be effective?
Your request must be received and processed at least 7 days prior to the next scheduled payment due date.

If I cancel or request a temporary suspension from this program am I eligible for re-enrollment?
Yes, you would be eligible for this program if you cancelled your draft and your account is not in default. You must notify the Customer Service Department at least 15 days prior to your due date to ensure your re-enrollment and draft occurs before your next payment due date.

What happens if my draft is returned for insufficient-fund (NSF) or stop payment?
If funds are not available in your bank account, the draft will be returned to IFS and the payment will be reversed from your account. Your account may be assessed applicable service fees for the returned draft. IFS is not responsible for bank charges assessed due to insufficient or stop payment fees.

Can I make a payment by phone?
Yes, you can make a payment by phone through Bill Matrix by calling 1-800-603-7385.

How do I make a payment through Western Union Quick Collect?
Call 1-800-325-6000 for your nearest Western Union agent. At your agent location, fill out the blue Quick Collect form: Pay to – NMAC, Code City – Nissan, Texas. You will present your cash payment to a Western Union independent agent to be applied directly to your IFS account.

Is E-Bill available?
E-bill is not available at this time.

I am a military member or government employee. Does IFS offer an allotment payment program?
Yes, if you are a military member, you may enroll with Military Assistance Company (MAC) or through your Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) office.

Will I receive a coupon book to make my payments?
No. You will receive a monthly billing statement.

How is my payment amount determined?
Your payment amount is determined by the sum of the Base Rental Payment and the sum of the Service Charge or Depreciation. These amounts are totaled and divided by the Lease Term. This amount does not include any tax amount that may be due monthly.

Why did the amount of my payment change?
There are several factors that might affect your payment amount. The most common cause is change in the tax rate. If the tax rate changes in your city/county or state, this will affect the sales tax portion of your monthly lease payment. If you have recently relocated to another state, this may also affect the amount of your monthly payment.

Can I request a duplicate billing statement?
Yes. You may request a duplicate billing statement at any time. The statement will not reflect any transactions that may have occurred from the time it was originally mailed.

I didn't receive a billing statement; can I make my payment without it?
Yes. You can mail your payment without the statement. Include the entire account number on the check or money order.

Can I request that my billing statement be mailed to a different address?
Yes, we can change the address and mail to the address you provide.

Why doesn't the last payment I mailed show up on my statement?
It is possible that your last payment was not applied to your account before the billing statement was mailed. Statements are mailed each month 18 days prior to your due date.

Can I pay more than the monthly payment amount?
Yes. You may prepay your lease at anytime.

I would like to purchase my lease vehicle. What should I do?
With the exception of New Jersey customers, your local Infiniti dealership handles all lease payoff transactions. Please contact your dealer to handle the payoff transaction for purchasing your vehicle.

New Jersey customers may send their payoff check along with an odometer statement directly to IFS at the following address:
Please make checks payable to "NISC".

Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Payoff Department
P.O. Box 660364
Dallas, TX 75266-0364

For overnight delivery, send to:

Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Payoff Department
8900 Freeport Parkway
Irving, TX 75063

Will IFS accept a payoff directly from my bank or credit union?
Yes. When IFS accepts a payoff from your bank or credit union. The title or lien satisfaction will be sent to the bank or credit union that sent the payoff.

Can I negotiate my payoff with IFS?
No. IFS will not negotiate the payoff balance on your lease.

Am I responsible for my own insurance?
As the leased vehicle's primary driver, yes, you will be responsible for acquiring your own insurance. According to the terms of your lease agreement, you will need comprehensive coverage (including fire and theft), in addition to collision, property damage and bodily injury liability. The specific insurance terms and coverage amounts required will be detailed in your lease agreement.

My vehicle has been involved in an accident and has sustained damage. What should I do?
After you have notified your insurance company, please contact our Insurance Department at 1-800-777-7525 so that we may properly document your account. In order for IFS to endorse your insurance check, we will need a copy of the insurance estimate and a copy of the body shop repair bill showing repairs have been completed. Please forward these documents along with your insurance check to:

Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Physical Damage Department
P.O. Box 660672
Dallas, TX 75266-0672

For overnight delivery:

Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Physical Damage Department
8900 Freeport Parkway
Irving, TX 75063

If you would like your check returned via overnight mail, please enclose a prepaid overnight envelope.

My vehicle has been in an accident and has been declared a total loss. What should I do?
After you have notified your insurance company, please contact our Insurance Department at 1-800-777-7525 so that we may properly document your account. The total loss check should be forwarded to:

Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Total Loss Department
P.O. Box 660577
Dallas, TX 75266-0577

For overnight delivery:

Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Total Loss Department
8900 Freeport Parkway
Irving, TX 75063

How can I contact you by mail?
IFS – Physical Address for Overnight Mail
Infiniti Financial Services
8900 Freeport Parkway
Irving, TX 75063

Lease or Loan Payoff
Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Payoff Department
P.O. Box 660364
Dallas, TX 75266-0364

Customer Service
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 660360
Dallas, TX 75266-0360

Title Services
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 660368
Dallas, TX 75266-0368

Early Termination Payment
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 660604
Dallas, TX 75266-0604

Loan Extension Processing
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 660685
Dallas, TX 75266-0685

ACH-SignatureDIRECTPAY® – Enrollments and Cancellations
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 650424
Dallas, TX 75265-0424

Insurance Physical Damage (Insurance Check Endorsement)
Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Physical Damage
P.O. Box 660672
Dallas, TX 75266-0672

Insurance Total Loss
Infiniti Financial Services
Attention: Total Loss
P.O. Box 660577
Dallas, TX 75266-0577

Lease Insurance Verification (CT, FL, MA, NJ, NY, PA)
Infiniti Financial Services
P.O. Box 390889
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0889

How can I contact you by phone?
Infiniti Financial Services:
Customer Service for Loans 1-800-627-4437
Customer Service for Leases 1-800-627-4437
Physical Damage/Total Loss 1-800-777-7525
Collections 1-800-777-6116
Lease Customer Network 1-800-778-4211
Nissan Consumer Affairs 1-800-647-7261
Infiniti Consumer Affairs 1-800-662-6200
Nissan Canada (from Canada) 1-800-618-8818
Nissan Canada (from USA) 1-905-629-2888

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