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ACURA 2004 TL Reviews and Car Price Quotes from your local dealer auto dealerships

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Comfort and Convenience

Truly a driver's car, the new Acura 2004 TL is as performance-minded in its interior layout and design as it is under the hood. Beginning with the driver-oriented cockpit, where all controls are intuitively placed within easy reach. You'll find surround sound audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ that responds to as many as 293 pre-programmed commands, and a dual-zone, dual-mode climate control that allows occupants to adjust their individual temperature and mode settings.


From its plush, perforated leather trim to its 10-way power-adjustable driver seat, featuring a two-way lumbar support, seating in the Acura 2004 TL is designed to enhance the driving experience. Which is why these features, along with an impressive list of others, are standard on the new Acura 2004 TL. The driver and front passenger will enjoy heated front seats, raised bolsters and height-adjustable, arched head restraints. Rear-seat passengers are given equal consideration with their own set of climate vents and a center armrest with beverage holders. All five seating positions in the TL are equipped with three-point seat belts.


For additional back support, the driver seat features a 2-way power-adjustable Schukra Lumbar system that can be customized to complement the natural curvature of the spine.

Surround Sound

Always the innovator, the Acura TL takes advantage of the latest advancements in sound technology to be the first automobile in North America to offer Surround Sound with DVD-Audio as a standard feature. Located in-dash is a new 225-watt Acura/ELS® Premium 8-speaker Surround Sound System with DVD-Audio and DTS CD 6-disc Changer, AM/FM Tuner and Dolby® Cassette.

Each of the eight speakers are attuned to the acoustic interior of the TL and are strategically located for superior sound quality. Steering wheel-mounted controls allow the driver to keep both hands on the wheel while adjusting audio preferences. Models equipped with the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ take hands-free convenience a step further with the ability to operate the audio, navigation and climate control systems using voice commands.


The DVD-Audio system is a multi-channel audio system that delivers over 500-times higher resolution than CD-Audio. It also features a frequency response of 192kHz and a dynamic range of 24 bits for rich, clear sound. The AM/FM tuner has a powered antenna built into the rear glass, and XM® Satellite Radio operates from a built-in receiver.


Climate Control

The intuitive nature of the Automatic Climate Control system is improved with 3D Solar Sensing, which works with the navigation system to determine the location of the sun, relative to driver and front passenger, and adjusts dual-climate settings to accommodate them.

When the sun is beaming elsewhere, the Acura 2004 TL system will maintain the interior temperature where you set it. Or you can choose to adjust it manually using controls on the dash. Rear-seat passengers have their own controls for the amount and direction of airflow they receive. And to be sure the circulating air is nothing short of pure, an air filtration system helps remove pollen, soot, and even bacteria as small as three microns-smaller than the width of a human hair.


Using an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS), 3D Solar Sensing works with the Acura Navigation System to determine the location of the sun, relative to driver and passenger, and adjusts dual climate settings to accommodate them, ensuring that the cabin temperature remains at your preferred setting. Available only on models with the Acura Navigation System.


The filter element is so finely woven, it can trap particles as small as three microns-smaller than the width of a human hair-including almost all pollen and dust. It can filter approximately 40% of particles, including many bacteria, some components of cigarette smoke, and particulates in diesel exhaust.


The 2004 TL is available with the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™, so you can find your way with a few keystrokes or a quick voice command. A large 8-inch flat screen features user-friendly controls and draws on a 48-state database to provide more than seven million points of interest. Voice Recognition uses a microphone located in the roof console to recognize up to 293 preprogrammed voice commands, such as "find nearest ATM" or "show route home." And when the vehicle is paired with a Bluetooth® mobile phone, clients can direct-dial the locations stored in the navigation system using the HandsFreeLink™ system.

*Navigation system and XM Satellite Radio available only in the 48 contiguous United States.


The vivid 8" color touch-control screen can display a moving map that appears three-dimensional, as if seen at an angle from the air. You can zoom in and out, and view two fields in split-screen. The system will display direction arrows, detailed street names, turning instructions and driving distances.


The database includes maps and destination information for most major metropolitan and outlying areas and all highways in the contiguous 48 states of the U.S. (The mapping databases do not include information of routes within Alaska and Hawaii.) The map and destination information database can be updated by purchasing a revised DVD online. Updated map and destination DVDs are produced once a year.


Some of the over 7 million locations stored in memory on the 8.0-gigabyte DVD include banks, ATMs, airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and auto service facilities.


For vehicles so equipped, the microphone for the Voice Recognition™ feature of the navigation system is activated by pressing the Voice Control (upper) button below the left spoke of the steering wheel. The adjacent Cancel (lower) button will cancel the request. The system recognizes up to 60 commands for the navigation system, as well as climate control and audio functions.

*Navigation system and XM Satellite Radio available only in the 48 contiguous United States.

XM® Satellite Radio

XM® Satellite Radio* digitally broadcasts over 100 channels of near-CD quality music coast-to-coast. Coverage extends to anywhere within the 48 contiguous United States and includes as many as 70 original music channels and 30 channels of news, sports, talk and entertainment that are categorized into "neighborhoods" for easy selection. Because all channels are broadcast digitally, they are free from static and interference, even while traveling through urban canyons like New York or rural roads in the Midwest.

*Navigation system and XM Satellite Radio available only in the 48 contiguous United States.


Within the well-appointed interior of the new TL lies a world designed solely for your comfort and convenience. From the standard keyless entry system to an automatic day/night rearview mirror that adjusts ambient light conditions to minimize distractions. The overhead console houses controls for the HomeLink® System, which can be programmed to operate up to three devices, such as a garage-door opener, home security system or remote lighting system.


HandsFreeLink™ replaces the hassle of handling a mobile phone while driving. This system utilizes Bluetooth® technology, which transfers incoming call data to the Multi-Info Display (MID), where the driver can view incoming call details. Voice Recognition™ will dial stored numbers with voice command, and will even direct-dial locations stored in the navigation system. HandsFreeLink is available on Bluetooth-enabled phones that are equipped with the Hands Free Profile (HFP).


Located in the Instrument Panel, the Multi-Info Display (MID) is communication-central for many of the technological features of the TL. For HandsFreeLink™, it displays call data and incoming phone numbers. Some phones also relay signal strength and phone battery life to the MID. Maintenance Minder also uses the MID to display timely service reminders, according to engine performance.


HandsFreeLink™ utilizes Bluetooth® wireless technology and Voice Recognition™ for hands-free mobile communication. When a call is received, Bluetooth® picks up the signal and transfers its data to the Multi-Info Display (MID), where the driver can view incoming call details. Intuitive fingertip controls on the steering wheel send the call through your audio speakers. A microphone located in the roof console draws on Voice Recognition™ technology for hands-free dialing. HandsFreeLink™ is compatible with Bluetooth®-enabled phones that are equipped with the Hands Free Profile (HFP).

Keyless Memory Settings

After this much time behind the wheel, you've found your sweet spot. A slight recline in your seat back. Side-mirrors centered on the horizon. And an interior climate of a comfortable 76 degrees. Which makes it all the more irritating when it's another's turn behind the wheel. Using a keyless remote, Keyless Memory Settings allows up to two drivers to store and recall their ideal seating, side-mirror and climate control preferences, in addition to light and door lock settings.


Other customizable memory settings available with Keyless Memory Settings include auto lock and unlock, keyless lock acknowledgement, interior light timer and headlight auto-off timer.

Total Luxury Care

Acura 2004 TL ownership means more than simply driving a great vehicle-you can also count on support when you need it. That's because we provide Acura Total Luxury Care™ (TLC) for every new and Certified Pre-Owned Acura owner.

In addition to the Acura 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty, TLC includes 24-hour nationwide emergency and travel services, roadside assistance, Acura Concierge Service, and more. This collection of special services and privileges is available exclusively for Acura owners, to help ensure your long term driving and ownership satisfaction.


Maintenance Minder

The Acura Maintenance Minder System coordinates oil service dates and other maintenance check-ups based on engine operating conditions, and displays timely reminders in the Multi-Info Display (MID) when maintenance is upcoming, due or overdue.

Owner Link

Personalize your ownership experience with Owner Link™, the exclusive Acura owners' web site. Owner Link provides valuable information and services tailored to you and your Acura, including service records, care tips and more.


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